As a ruleof thumb, a Dallas Police Reserve Officer a person who is comfortable in the direction his/herlife is going, yet who possesses an innate desire to serve others.  He/she maintains secure family relationships,demonstrated through support of this endeavor.


         ReserveOfficers are business owners and employees of others’ businesses. They haveadministrative management positions as well as hourly, part-timepositions.  They are white-collar, andblue-collar alike.  They are bosses,co-workers, and next-door neighbors.Reserve Officers come from all walks of life. From whichever path theycome, there exists a common consistency of upstanding character: they arepeople that have a natural tendency to do the right thing and maintain firmbeliefs in right and wrong. Through serving others, Reserve Officers receiverewards that surpass any monetary gain. They also have a great ability tothink, evaluate situations and then take immediate, appropriate action.


          If youchoose to take the very long and hard road to become a DallasPolice Reserve Officer and you succeed, you will then be in the company of 3000men and women that above anything else are the finest men and women that youcould ever want to know. They are The Best of the Best of police officers inthe country.


           Themoment your badge is pinned on, you will sense an immediate change.  You will be overwhelmed with pride, knowingyou have become a member of a very large and unique family--a family of over3000 brothers and sisters who will lay their own lives on the line to support,protect, and serve, not only the citizens, but their comrades as well.


            Alwaysremember, not just anyone can be standing where you will be at that point.  You will have finished a very long and hardroad, but when finished, the accomplishment will be one of life’s greatestrewards. You will be Blue inside and out.You will be a part of The Best of the Best.  It will be with pride, that you will standand say, “I am a DallasPolice Reserve Officer.”


                                                                    Pete E. Ray

                                                                    Reserve Lieutenant

                                                                     29year veteran


          “Ordinary people, even weak people, can do extraordinary things throughtemporary courage generated by a situation.But the person of character does not need the situation to generate hiscourage.  It is a part of his being and astandard approach to all life’s challenges.”


                                 Michael S.Josephson

            Founder and CEO, Josephson Institute of Ethics