Who are Dallas Police Reserve Officers

Reserve Officers come from all walks of life. Some common traits include:

  • Men & women who are employers and employees (white collar and blue collar)
  • A passionate desire to work with full time law enforcement officers in the community
  • A sense of pride and camaraderie with the community and the police family
  • An innate desire to serve others
  • Upstanding character and strong beliefs in what is right and wrong
  • The ability to quickly evaluate situations and take the appropriate action
  • People who care about making a difference in their community
  • People willing to make a commitment and to fulfill it
  • People like you?

For more information visit our Facebook page: Dallas Police Reserve Foundation

Becoming a reserve officer is not an easy undertaking, however, the experiences, camaraderie, and your pride in accomplishment will become your greatest treasure. You will join the Dallas Police family of over 3,600 officers; men and women willing to put themselves on the line for the citizens they serve and for their fellow officers.

Pete Ray, Reserve Lieutenant, 29 year veteran

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