Dallas Police Reserve Division

Stephan Brody
Deputy Chief of Police

Thank you for visiting our website and finding out more about the Dallas Police Department Reserve Division. The Division is made up of dedicated men and women, from all walks of life, that have an interest in law enforcement and the desire to serve their community. Men and women, including doctors, lawyers, business owners and software and computer engineers, serve as reserve officers because they have not only a full-time career, but also a calling to serve in law enforcement. Reserve officers have the same training, and must meet the same standards, as their full time counterparts. They hold the same State of Texas Peace Officers License and have the same authority. They wear the same uniform and badge, and also carry a weapon. The difference is they work for FREE!

In fact, a citizen in Dallas calling 911 for police service would never know if the responding officer is a reserve or full-time officer. Both do the same job and are professional, courteous, and diligent in handling the call and required follow-up.

In addition to working in patrol, reserve officers serve in just about every area of the Dallas Police Department. We have officers in narcotics, dignitary protection, SWAT, helicopter, youth, bicycle unit, property crimes, internal affairs, dive team and many more. No area or specialty is technically off-limits to a reserve officer. The only restriction is they must go through whatever special training is required, and put in enough duty time to warrant that assignment.

Serving in law enforcement is a true calling, whether it's as a full-time career or in your spare time as a Reserve Officer. Becoming a reserve officer with the Dallas Police Department is not easy, and takes a great deal of time and commitment. But when you finally put on the uniform and pin the badge on your chest, you can take pride in being one of Dallas' Finest...and the ULTIMATE VOLUNTEER!

Stephan Brody

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