Becoming a Dallas Police Reserve Officer

Activity Commitment

Reserve officers commit to working at least 16 hours per month. They also work special assignments throughout the year. These include Texas/OU Night, the State Fair and parades throughout the city. You will spend approximately 1,000 hours in training to become a Texas Certified Peace Officer over the period of one year.  Currently classes are 6PM-10PM Monday-Friday at a DCCCD campus for the state peace officer training. There may also be options for daytime training.  After training is completed, DPD will have invested over two thousand dollars on each recruit and expects a good faith commitment of two years of service.


All equipment, uniforms and training are provided at no cost by DPD to reserve officers.


To be considered for the Dallas Police Department Reserve Battalion you must:

  • Be a United States Citizen
  • Be 21 years of age with 45 hours from an accredited college - minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Military Personnel: College credit requirement waived if you have 3 years active service and an honorable discharge as stipulated on a DD214
  • Have Valid Driver’s License
  • Have not committed a "Class A"misdemeanor or "Felony"
  • Have no “Class B” misdemeanor convictions within last 10 years
  • Have vision no worse than 20/100 in either eye, correctableto 20/20 in both eyes
  • Have no pending traffic citations or court cases
  • Have not been convicted of three (3) or more hazardous traffic violations in thelast twenty-four (24) months. (Does not include “Deferred Adjudication” or“Driver’s Safety Course”)
  • Be able to pass the DPD Physical agility test

Applicant Processing Steps

  1. Preliminary Interview---You will be asked about your driving history and any criminal record or illegal drug use. We will discuss with you any questions you may have regarding the application process, time required for training, etc.
  2. Polygraph Examination---Determines the validity of the answers given on previous questionnaires and interviews.
  3. Applicant Interview Board---You will be given an oral interview before a board of both full-time and reserve police officers, during which you will be interviewed on a variety of police and non-police topics.
  4. Background Investigation---Checks your work record, your background and the opinions and statements of people you list as references. You must also complete a personal history statement provided by the department.
  5. Psychological Examination---Includes a three-hour written exam and an interview with a psychologist.
  6. Medical Examination---Includes a physical exam and urinalysis.


  1. Time Requirements---You will receive approximately 1,000 hours of training over a one-year period.
  2. Phase One---Classroom training on law enforcement necessary to receive your state certification.  You will receive the Basic Peace Officer Certificate issued by the Texas Commission On Law Enforcement.
  3. Phase Two---Training while working as an officer with a DPD Field Training Officer.  This will last 6 months.

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If you have questions, please contact Reserve Lt. Ed Jones at 214-725-4000 (8AM--9PM)