Welcome to the Dallas Police Reserves!

For over 60 years the Dallas Police Reserve Battalion has worked as an integral part of the Dallas Police Department helping to make Dallas a safer place to live, work and visit. The Battalion consists of unpaid volunteers who are state certified peace officers working within DPD.  A Reserve Officer must contribute at least 16 hours per month to DPD.  Reserves serve in many capacities within the DPD, but primary duties are in patrol.

Being a reserve officer is like no other job!

  • Take pride in working for one of the largest police departments in the nation.
  • Provide community service while doing interesting and fulfilling work.
  • Make Dallas a better place to live, while meeting people and solving problems.
  • Earn the respect of the citizens you serve.
  • See the community from a viewpoint not available to most.
  • Experience Camaraderie without compare.
  • Make a Difference!PDR

Questions?     Call  Lt. Ed Jones at 214-725-4000 (8AM--9PM any day)  Click:  

For more information  Click on >>> Becoming a Reserve Officer    

 Visit Facebook page: Dallas Police Reserve Facebook

Video about Reserve Officer Croy's recovering Oswald's wallet at the scene of JD Tippit's murder