Dallas Police Reserve Battalion

Richard K Anderssen, Sr.
Assistant Chief of Police

To the Dedicated Applicants of the Dallas Police Reserves:

Welcome to our website.  I hope the information you view will assist and encourage you to apply as a candidate for the Dallas Police Reserve Battalion.  You can be a Police Officer. You can make a difference.  You can be the Ultimate Volunteer!   Take the next step and inquire, or if you have already made up your mind, apply today.

As the Commander of the Dallas Police Reserves,  I can tell you that the enjoyment, satisfaction and achievement one accomplishes from this volunteer program is extremely rewarding. Not everyone can qualify, but we are motivated and will work with you throughout the personnel and training process so you can become one of Dallas' finest!

The work can be dangerous. It's a non paid position. Throughout the years, many police trainers have said that you are about to see "The Greatest Show on Earth."   You come in contact with citizens who complain; you deal with problems, and people who break the law. You arrest lawbreakers, but you also come in contact with citizens that are respectful and appreciative of the every day risks and work that law enforcement officers encounter.  We work patrol, and many special assignments that require police presence. We ensure that measures are taken to target  "hot spot"  areas of the city in order to reduce crime.

The Dallas Police Reserve Battalion is made up of men and women from all walks of life who want to volunteer and dedicate sixteen or more hours per month working as patrol officers answering calls for police service.  We encourage you to fill out an application and determine if you qualify for training. It's an admirable and wonderful way to serve the city of Dallas and give back to the community. This is a service that is personally rewarding. I invite you to seek further information. To continue the application process, follow the website directions.  Thank you for your inquiry and welcome to the Dallas Police Reserve Battalion.  


Richard K.  Anderssen, Sr.
Reserve Battalion Commander
Dallas Police Department

For more information visit our Facebook page: Dallas Police Reserve Foundation